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Things Work Out Best For Those Who Make The Best Of How Things Work Out – Lady Elizabeth Kelly

The task that you considered impossible yesterday is going to be an accomplishment for you if your plan towards it is backed by strategy that gives you a tremendous feeling of personal enthusiasm and confidence. When an individual understands that the fresh beginning in life comes after one realizes that what his or her priorities are, and then by inculcating positive outlook towards life there are no limits then.

“The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it.” These words tell us about Her Excellency Elizabeth Kelly. Founder of Ethos Global Solutions, President of Global United Leaders League (GULL) in United Kingdom and an ambassador of Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, she carries a vivacious aura that inspires many young entrepreneurs around the world. From starting her career in the fashion industry to being a successful businesswoman, she has proved herself to be a milestone in the field of leadership, social upliftment and woman empowerment.

“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Her Excellency states that, ‘Empowerment strengthens the ability by acquiring knowledge and power along with experience. It is the way of authorizing an individual and enabling him to think and take actions in more emphatic manner.’ The very first step which is necessary towards foundation of a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world is the empowerment of women. It is known that when women realizes what their economic goals are, whether it is related to growing business or improving their home and investing in education, they are far more resilient and capable of providing for themselves as well as to their families.

Her Excellency’s contribution towards empowering women is based on the idea that whenever difficulties arise, causes are sought in the society, and efforts are focused on improving the social institutions within which the individual functions. It cannot be denied that empowered people always stand for something in their lives and take action which sometimes even results in great danger, and this is because they are aware that they have the right and the responsibility to act in service of what they believe and care for. Her Excellency Elizabeth Kelly highlights that, in contemporary era we face overwhelming social, economic and ecological crises, from wars to natural disasters to nuclear meltdowns and change in climate is progressing even faster than predicted. We are being challenged to recreate our technologies, energy systems, economies, food systems and way of life and to do it not over the next century but within the upcoming decade and thus to have the positive future, there is immediate requirement of firm imagination, commitment and passion that can never be commanded but can only be unleashed in groups that belonged to equals, therefore here arises the need of empowerment as well as women at those positions from where they can really make a change.

Perseverance and persistence like autonomies are traits that have been traditionally valued more than anything else. All human beings have the potential for great strength, sometimes in very different ways, and we should look to show teenage girls that they can be as strong and competent as anyone else in the entire world.

From the very beginning, independence and autonomy have always been valued among men. But nowadays as individuality is more important than ever, specifically in the working world, girls are empowered to blaze their paths all by themselves. In the upcoming years, we would be able to see more and more leadership roles from their side. Now it is evident to everybody that by empowering young girls to be entrepreneurs, we can easily be bringing balance to the world of business.

Attitudes like maintaining standards of beauty set by social media, getting approval related to looks and clothes from the second person and, many other unrealistic approaches of teenagers towards developing themselves as per the norms created by the strange world of which they are only puppets, should be considered wisely. So, related to these behaviors, it is prima facie the responsibility of parents and guardians to re-establish the sense of confidence in teenagers that, they are the sole decision-makers towards what is right for them and whatnot. Lopsided attitudes should not affect the right way of decision making; rather firm steps should be taken in terms of every possible detail related to career and lifestyle.

It often comes to everybody’s mind that, then what are the ways in which there could be possible empowerment to the women and girls. Proper education is the most important aspect which can help in providing them their rights. Education not only helps in getting employment, along with that it also makes one aware of the morals and values. (Contd. in PDF)

Lady Elizabeth Kelly

Founder & CEO EthosGlobalSolutions| Reputation management & Tech | Ambassador@CommonwealthEC United Kingdom | Social Impact