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Corporate Investment Times - May 2021 - Teresa

The financial pattern repeats itself… here in Silicon Valley, Israel, and in India… – by TERESA MARÍA ALARCOS TAMAYO

“There is no magic to get things done, it is simply about hard work, deciding and having persistence” with this phrase by Michelle Obama, so aligned with what a long-distance entrepreneurial career is, I began the speech at the Royal Academy of Engineering to present the study of innovative female entrepreneurship. And I read an article by Dawn Lavalle Norman from the Catholic University of Australia published last March on the occasion of Women’s Day. And it says what we knew … that women are hidden from us … and we do not appear in paintings that evoke the foundations of philosophy … as Aspasi de Mileto who was the most famous woman in Classical Athens, known not only for her beauty but for his brilliant mind … participating in at least 3 of Socrates’ dialogues … or Clea, later high priestess, of whom Plutarco speaks with admiration in some of his prefaces “On the Bravery women” and thus we could continue with women like Sosipatra, and his brilliant career as a teacher, for her inspiring teachings… Hypatia, for her mathematical mind that followed and created some very advanced community foundations in her time… who knows them… hardly anyone when compared to her male contemporaries.

Digital and technological entrepreneurship is the main engine of value creation in the economy in recent decades, and although in many areas both public and private organizations are aware of the relevance of this sector for the future, it still lacks much momentum. The most visible example of this reality is the growth of large technology companies, which is outpacing traditional companies in each of the sectors of the business environment, but we can also see it at a more general level in the strength of the more technological economies like the American. Wherever we look, the value of technological innovation is a reality and much of technological innovation comes from digital entrepreneurship. That is why both the public and private sectors must make a greater effort to promote digital entrepreneurship, which today is scarce compared to its future value projection for the economy. Digital entrepreneurship should promote talent in an integral sense: that is, a balanced participation of women and men, since a greater participation of women, as this study highlights, would considerably increase the overall business potential.

Therefore, the focus on female digital entrepreneurship finds its justification in two aspects. In the first place, we have already been able to verify that it is a sector with high growth potential and impact on the economy, both due to its transformative capacity and its potential for job creation. Second, it is a traditionally more male-dominated sector, so it is important to better understand the causes of this disparity. But there are no studies in Spain that focus solely on women’s digital entrepreneurship, and there are very few studies that analyze it. For this reason, this report focuses on technological entrepreneurship and tries to take as real a picture as possible of their situation in Spain, trying to know the sociodemographic characteristics of women entrepreneurs, their motivations to undertake and the main barriers and challenges they face. 

I have participated in a chat with female entrepreneurs from 22 countries, for 5 years, and… (Contd. in PDF)


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