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What is the right food for the brain? With cream cake to Nobel Prize!

I often hear that geniuses have different brains, but when we look at them under a microscope, we see that all brains are the same. The secret lies somewhere else entirely! Depending on how information flows through the brain and how the processes are regulated between the different parts of the brain or. depending on how clean the communication channels are. To connect information faster

The “cleaner” the communication channel, the faster we can create combinations, creative solutions …
Of course, education and role models in early childhood, when all these processes take shape, have a great influence.

But today we want to talk about fuel, because in order for information to travel, it needs a lot of the energy it gets from the blood, and the fresh oxygen it gets from sports. And that fuel, in the right quality and in the right proportion, is exactly what sets us apart.

The brain can store and remember 100 times more data than a computer. We use them to think, formulate ideas, remember and learn new things. Since there is no pain sensation in the brain, neurologists can operate on the brain while fully conscious without feeling pain.

The brain consists of the cerebellum, the cerebellum and the brain stem. The most important part is the cerebrum, which is divided into two hemispheres or hemispheres.

The left hemisphere is responsible for controlling the right half of the body, while the right hemisphere is responsible for the left half. Some people have a better developed left hemisphere, they have been shown to be more successful in mathematical and logical areas.

However, activities involving art and perception require a more developed right hemisphere. The cerebellum is responsible for the coordinated functioning of the muscles and senses, and all messages are relayed to the cerebellum.

Even when we sleep, they are active. At night they drive the heart, maintain breathing and many other bodily functions. They also process data and sort out anything new we have learned that day.

Our body is capable of various physical feats for which we need to exercise regularly. Similarly, our brain needs regular mental exercises to cope with mental stress.

So, regular exercises to strengthen memory and attention are extremely important to train our memory. This can also prevent or avoid the premature onset of dementia. This makes fuel (food) for the brain all the more important:

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What is the right food for the brain? With cream cake to Nobel Prize!

Sir prof. Milan Krajnc, PhD FRSA KMFAP FRAS IPA

Dr. Milan Krajnc, PhD

Psychotherapist, an expert in solving the challenges that arise from the interaction of different personality types within a company or organisation. I am trained for personal advising, psychology, marketing, negotiation and lobbying at organisations of any size and scope, from local to national levels.