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BusinessWoman alone for all! – Sir prof. Milan Krajnc, PhD FRSA KMFAP FRAS IPA

A gentleman appeared at the door, holding a lighter with a cigar-blade in his hand… And he said, “My wife forgot to bring it to you.” I looked at him in a strange way, because I could not tell from his voice and expression whether it was a visit with a positive purpose or a reckoning… But I knew immediately that he was the husband of the lady who brought me the Cubans. However, the tips of his lips were pointing upwards and not pressed together, which meant that he was relaxed and I could only expect a positive conversation.

“Thank you,” I replied. “Will we have a smoke?”

“Is not it too early?” he asked me.

“The clock is not important for a cigar, it is important for our well-being, we must not get tired of it, because then it will make us even more tired, but we must be relaxed in order to relax. “Cigars are not smoked out of necessity, but for pleasure…

He just smiled.

“Have you ever smoked cigars?” I asked him. “I have tried something,” he replied.

“You see, a cigar is not smoked, but tasted… You draw the smoke into your mouth and concentrate it at the base of the tongue and then slowly lower it to the end of the tongue, where all the sensors are located, and taste the beauty of the cigar. Every cigar has its own story, and based on the taste you try to get an idea of that story. “

When I saw how he listened to me attentively, I continued: “Actually a cigar is like a woman. When you are with her, you have to take your time and be 100% present with her. Then you feel her and she will feel you. Every woman is a special story, every woman is unique and your wife is special, you have to be with her as if she was the only one in the world, nobody should interest you, only her, and you have to let her know that. Like a cigar when you pull her inside and feel her whole being. And then you slowly enjoy the taste. When the smoke slowly blows out of your mouth, you feel as if a woman looks into your eyes and wants you only because you are completely devoted to her… “

“Now I had a picture of my wife before me… You know, I took it exactly the same way last time. The last time she came from you, she looked at me more eagerly than ever before, she awakened a kind of originality in me, I felt like a perfect man. I did not even know I had that in me. It was heavenly… But then it passed and I could not evoke that feeling anymore. That is why I am with you. My wife and I talked late into the night about her expedition to you and Dr. Fears. She’s very different, and now I am afraid she’s gonna leave. In fact she is now exactly as I always wished she would be, now she has become my dream woman. But the fear in me, which is just being born, comes precisely from the fact that I am not strong enough for it. I do not want to destroy her, I want her to live a full life and me with her. That night, I felt fulfilled forever… I was no longer interested in anything else, only this feeling that was awakened in her by her gaze. She’s like that every day now… and I was only a fraction of the time. I want that feeling to be there all the time. “

“So we will learn first on a cigar, I will teach you how to smoke a cigar properly to get that feeling. But you have to be aware that this feeling is inside you and that we have to awaken it. Apparently, somewhere he’s sleeping soundly, very soundly. And despite the fact that your wife has it all the time now, she cannot give you this feeling, because then you will pump out her energy and she will not allow it anymore. “

“Yeah, I know, you just reversed it…”

“No, I did not turn her around, she just became independent, just the way she wants to be, she does not fit in with anyone anymore and she’s become a woman. But I can help you to awaken the man inside you and stand up straight next to her so that you will be her support and her protection. “

“Yes, I do… But not because of her, but because of myself, because I cannot live like this anymore, I am tired. You know, when we met 20 years ago, I was very successful in all areas and she just looked, I helped her in all areas and she grew… And then one day, I do not even know when, she for everybody, and I myself was dripping somewhere far behind her. I also knew that it would not go on like this for much longer, but at the same time I did not know what to do. I lost myself, I no longer felt like a man at all. At home I was only good at taking out the garbage.

And when she started to approach you and slowly change, I was in a very bad mood at first. I thought she had a lover, on the one hand I gave it to her because nothing came out of me, and on the other hand I could not let it happen because after all I am her husband. So I followed her once and found her walking towards you. It was easier for me, but at the same time my pride was hurt to ask another man for advice. Well, after you sent her to the doctor, it was easier for me to… But I still did not do anything, I just sat there and went round and round… I really do not know yet, that is why I am here. “

“When did you first feel lost?” I asked him. “I think very shortly after the wedding, when I started the company and the first child was born at the same time. Namely, I very quickly equated my personal goal with my business goal. But the woman’s attention was focused on the child. Then I began to seek the attention of customers and employees, and I was less and less present at home or in the company. I was no longer at home at all…”

I interrupted him: “We will not deal with the past any more. Let’s see what we can do now. If you want to take a train to go forward with your wife, we need to speed things up a bit, which does not mean that we are looking for immediate solutions, because then we will not take any basic steps, but perhaps simply use more powerful tools. We will add intense sport. Because the most important thing is to get the body back in shape, because only then will the brain have enough oxygen to absorb it faster. But before you start training, I’d rather have you see Dr Fears… “

“Do you think I need a gynecological exam too?”

“No”, I laughed, “Dr Fear is basically a doctor who deals with hormones that are similar in men and women but in different proportions. She will tell you what you basically need and in what direction you need to develop in order to be in balance. So first she will send you to different tests to find out where the different physiological limits are, what you can and cannot do… “

Slowly the first hour of the conversation passed and the cigar was slowly coming to an end… “Do you know that I want to live as slowly and as pleasurably as I smoked this cigar?

“I have already called Dr Fears and she has confirmed your appointment for tomorrow at 9.00am. “

Dr. Fear sent him to the lab first. (Contd. in PDF)

Dr. Milan Krajnc, PhD

Psychotherapist, an expert in solving the challenges that arise from the interaction of different personality types within a company or organisation. I am trained for personal advising, psychology, marketing, negotiation and lobbying at organisations of any size and scope, from local to national levels.