Oct 18: Snapparazzi: Project With Mettle

Everyone, everywhere can earn SnapCoin.

Posted on January 15, 2019, 12:39 pm
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In a particularly bearish market, Snapparazzi was still able to surpass its soft cap. In such a climate, the success relied upon the appeal and demand of the app and its use-cases.

The ultimate goal of Snapparazzi is to develop a platform that pays its content creators fairly, whilst simultaneously rewarding its viewers. Thanks to the blockchain, in particular its transparency, and the removal of intermediaries, this allows for 60% of the advertising revenue to be distributed to content creators, and 20% to viewers.

  • The SNPC token is currently available on 2 exchanges (BitMart and LAToken) and other top exchanges are coming soon.
  • Exclusive Stack Bonus Incentive. The longer the hodlers of SNPC keep their tokens (in wallets off the exchanges), the greater they will benefit from an exclusive monthly bonus. This is a great way to strengthen our community, reward our supporters who have believed in this project since the VERY beginning and also reward new buyers.


  • In the coming months we will be announcing Snapparazzi’s partners, revealing for the first time, the names of our world-famous content creators!
  • Snapparazzi will be revealing a surprise addition to its current SNPC model which will allow the system to pay its users in Fiat currency (Ideal for a mass adoption).

A proper use-case for a proper utility token, are you ready?

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