Dec 18: Garnering Trust, Building Future: Pozess


Posted on January 15, 2019, 11:56 am
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POZESS, a global socially-curated fashion marketplace driven by photo and video sharing ,featured as the “Project with Mettle” on CIT Dec 18 edition, has announced their plans to transition to a security token offering (STO) from an ICO. The offering shall be fully regulatory compliant! Details of the token sale shall be announced soon. The decision came after careful considerations of the regulatory requirements and to provide confidence, mutual protection, security and assurance to their valued investors. Investors who purchase the POZESS security token will be entitled to dividends from future revenue generated by the platform.

The team has also announced a preSTO equity round that a limited number of early investors can take advantage of.

The decision involved careful considerations of several factors, but ultimately we believe this is the best decision for our investors and the continued progress of the company. We want the POZESS platform to stand the test of time and to ensure investors of our commitment to make the project a grand success” says Kaustuva Mukherjee, founder and CEO of POZESS.

The team has already made significant progress in the platform development with the release of its alpha version and has announced a joint partnership with PLAAK, an ecosystem designed to provide blockchain-based technology solutions.

“The branded wallet is a giant step towards making cryptocurrency mainstream,” says Kaustuva.

“I fervently believe that mass adoption, security, and ease of use is the way to make digital currency replace the fiat currency in financial transactions soon. The PZS wallet is a step towards that,” he added.

POZESS launched its website application in 2018 and continues to have robust plans for the future, including the release of the alpha mobile application (iOS and Android) in the first quarter of 2019. Development is underway and the fully functioning beta version of the platform is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2019. Selection of retail merchants will begin in the coming months and retailers will be invited to join POZESS as early as the second quarter of 2019!

The team is proud to have built a collaborative platform aimed towards growth, security, and mass adoption, and looks forward to cultivating the multiple strategic partnerships that are in the pipeline.

To support the POZESS project and to participate in the POZESS STO, investors can sign up on the website, and join the telegram and bitcointalk channels.

To participate in the pre-STO round please email

POZESS (PZS) tokens will be listed on the PLAAK exchange after the end of its STO in July 2019. This will allow the POZESS community to adopt the POZESS (PZS) branded NFC and Bluetooth hardware wallet. This wallet, powered by PLAAK, will also enable the POZESS network to own and use the PZS token for secure purchases everywhere.

Kaustuva Mukherjee

Founder & CEO

POZESS has officially announced its plans to transition from the current ICO to a Security Token Offering (STO), with exact dates and full details to come. The STO will be fully SEC and ESMA compliant and investors who purchase the POZESS security token will be entitled to future dividends of revenue generated by the platform. A dual token model will allow the PZS utility token to continue to be available for the users of the platform while the company offer its investors security tokens.

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