Jan 19: Turning Point


Posted on January 15, 2019, 11:16 am
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Traditional listed companies are finally mobilizing and entering the crypto space. There is every reason to believe tokenization is the future of the business process and that financial systems will be more efficient and compliant. Together with a global consortium of the best and brightest minds in blockchain and beyond, we can provide the gateway for listed companies to enter the crypto world.

Gone are the days when a flashy website and a vaguely worded white paper are going to attract investors. With the bear market dragging investment values down by more than 90%, the once busy cryptocurrency forums are a ghost town.

The majority of investors are feeling burnt by the economic losses and let down by the empty promises of scam ICO’s (Bitconneeeeect!), while the governments around the world are circling like vultures over the remains.

Whilst ICO’s are languishing on life support, a new alternative has appeared.

Established companies have taken note of the potential to unlock new forms of value and revenue streams through blockchain technologies and tokenization. First coined by Daniel Bateman from Blockshine Technology and I , the LCO (Listed Co. Coin Offering) has officially arrived.

Traditional listed companies are finally mobilizing and entering the crypto space, with Japanese real estate company Ruden Holdings Co Ltd. being the first to issue such a token.

Thanks to the partnership with Blockshine, a team comprised of technical, legal & investment experts, the token issuance was greenlighted by the Japanese SEC, paving the way for future projects.

An LCO combines the advantages of potential massive profits expected in the next bull market with the proven performance and transparency that is required by listed companies. Legally obligated to provide information on company finances to shareholders, listed companies don’t come with the risk of ICO organizers taking the money raised and permanently retiring to the Bahamas.

We expect LCO’s to help unlock the fourth dimension of the financial markets, the other three being cash, debt and equity, through creating smart contract powered utility tokens that generate new value and real wealth.


Sam Lee is the founder and CEO of Blockchain Global.

The company has invested more than US$300 million in 80 blockchain-enabled companies and projects. Blockchain Global is a leading multi-national enterprise which focuses on the commercialization of blockchain technology through international blockchain investments, blockchain innovation hubs and network infrastructure services; facilitating the needs of a global blockchain market through its offices Australia, Singapore, China, and Japan.

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