Nov 18: Platform in Focus: The TOKEDO

Tokedo brings financial freedom back to users and entrepreneurs.

Posted on January 09, 2019, 8:32 am
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Helping make Cryptocurrency Mainstream. Create your smart contracts and launch your token sale with a few clicks, no technical background required! Generate your token and get it automatically listed in the decentralized exchange without effort. Tokedo is the complete ecosystem designed to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

The road to decentralization:

hybrid exchanges Exchanges are currently the most important players in the crypto field. They manage millions in crypto and fiat currency every day, and control the assets of a myriad of users. Their power and influence on the market is seemingly too much sometimes. Exchanges represent to this day the centralized authority Bitcoin, and the other cryptocurrencies that followed, tried so hard to remove.

How to contain their influence?

As an answer to the exaggerate weight of these players, decentralized exchanges have come forward. Yet it is hard for decentralized projects to compete with these giants. Generally, decentralized exchanges are difficult to use and significantly slower, as a direct consequence of their decentralized nature.

Risks connected with centralization

The centralized structure of the most popular exchanges is what makes them so fast and easy to use. These exchanges provide to users the illusion of real-time transactions. It’s just an illusion though, because the money never leaves the exchange, it just moves from one address of the exchange to another. Addresses and private keys do not belong to the users but to exchange itself.

Having control over this huge amount of assets gives exchanges the aforementioned power and influence, and also entails security problems. When there is a security breach (and that happens, be it an external or an internal attack), the funds of millions of users are compromised.

But decentralized exchanges still have some limits. This does not happen with decentralized exchanges, where – as the word might suggest – there is no centralized authority.

Hybride exchanges: the compromise we have been waiting for?

Hybrid exchanges decentralize all the important operations, meaning settlement of assets and private key ownership. On the other hand, some processes – like order book and order matching – stay off-chain, and can therefore happen in real time.

A good example of this hybrid structure, is the Tokedo Exchange, where a smart contract manages the settlement of the assets in blockchain, while a server infrastructure takes care of the information matching. This results in an exchange that decentralizes critical processes while staying fast and easy to use.

The Tokedo Exchange is about to been released and it appears to be an interesting competitor in the field. The exchange comes with a whole ecosystem designed with the purpose of making cryptocurrency mainstream.

The Blockchain was born to remove the middleman and create a trustless society. But the middlemen are back!

The exchange is in fact the third element of this ecosystem and is connected with the other two elements:

The Tokedo Token Creator: a platform to create one’s own token and token sale from scratch, with no technical knowledge required.

The Tokedo Universal Wallet (Atomax): a wallet designed for the needs of those who operate in the ICO field. Atomax is the to-go wallet for ICO enthusiasts and for all of those who want to launch a token sale.

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