Oct 18: Second chance in a Lifetime. Time to INVEST?

With BTC as low as today, is 2018 a second chance in our lifetime to buy up?

Posted on January 07, 2019, 10:34 am
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10,000 BTC for a Pizza, we’ve all heard the stories & wondered how much Bitcoin we would purchase if just once we could go back in time & buy an investment that has paid people off by thousands of times over & over in the last 2 years.

With BTC as low as today, is 2018 a second chance in our lifetime to buy up?

So, as Bitcoin trades at one of its lowest slots since August 2018 the question that begs for an answer remain what will be the best course of action next –join the sellers club, HODL or is this a second in a lifetime chance to make a difference in your life?

Since the start of 2018 there has been a constant struggle in the price of Bitocin as well as most other cryptocurrencies. But, notwithstanding these free-for-alls, there has been an entry of more funds into the marketplace. You see, it seems grossly counterintuitive to invest in hundreds of millions of dollars into a fading market. & the question that begs for an answer is do they know something we commoners don’t?

Frankly speaking market manipulators seems to have most likely prompted the present sharp price dip. Retail cryptocurrency investors have shown that they have “thin skins” when it comes to surviving negative market signals. The response is usually the same – a substantial dump which regularly sends prices tumbling.

Evidently, all the schemers required was a substantial event to prompt the. The recent U.S. inquiry into four prominent cryptocurrency exchanges on suspicion of price manipulation was enough to get the panic cannons firing. The result? Well, traders sell, major players buy BTC at much lower rates, and the price recovers, ensuring a hefty profit for the whales – or is it the bears? Could be both.

The basic trading strategy that remains the same as the traditional market which is to buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price. If a price rebound is to be expected, then perhaps, the current dip is a good opportunity to buy BTC. In the end, it all depends on risk tolerance and belief in the long-term viability of Bitcoin as an asset.

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